Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just Some Optical Illusions

Well, due to the start of school (for my kid, not me...) this next week and travelling for work, I have been neglecting my poor science blog! :( Have no fear...though I don't have anything of depth prepared, I'd like to take this opportunity to display some things I have stumbled across while surfing the web and for this post, some illusions I had not up to this point encountered yet. I hope you enjoy and I promise to resume my regularly scheduled programming very soon!!

Are these really spiralling? :)

I like this next one, and nope, no animation! :)

And this video is a great compilation of some good illusions...accompanied by some fun music and a silly man, lol. ;)

Thank you all! If you have any good links to illusion pics or videos, please share in the comments!

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